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The history of the company begins in 1949 with the founding of the short-time clock factory Ludwig Haupt KG in Dettelbach, near Würzburg and conveniently connected to the Biebelrieder Kreuz, the junction between the A 7 and A 3 motorways.

The Haupt company began to produce photo exposure and laboratory clocks based on a mechanical clockwork that it manufactured itself. Initially, production was spread out at various locations in Dettelbach, so the decision was quickly made to build a factory building to concentrate all production sections in one place.

This was quickly implemented and in the mid-1950s the production building, which is still in use today, was established and a few years later an extension was added.

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The production program was constantly expanded through the new building and was completed in the 1970s with mechanically and electrically driven darkroom clocks and timers.

The company is exporting to many countries around the world.
The technical development on the market also had consequences for the company Haupt – the production range had to be constantly adapted to the demand, away from the photo exposure clocks, concentration on laboratory timers as table devices in different sizes, portable electronic timers, and mechanical timers with different running times in standard housings.

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The 1980s were characterized by new housing designs for mechanical timers, which caused demand to skyrocket. The household application area became a key sales segment.

But the technical development in the clock industry does not stand still either. While this was characterized by mechanical clocks after the war, the change to electric clocks took place in the 1960s and to electronic clocks in the 1970s.

A key technology was the radio clock, starting with table clocks.

This development was recognized and at the beginning of the 1980s, the Ludwig Haupt company worked together with the Ruhla clock factory to develop a radio-controlled table clock with a radio-controlled mechanism that could be used in all radio-controlled areas (Europe, England, USA).

The demand for radio-controlled items was constantly increasing, especially in the 1980s, so it was only logical to intensify activities to expand the product range.

The marketing and service for this type of clock made new demands for the company and so the EUROTIME Uhrenvertriebs-GmbH was founded in 1993.

The introduction of this new technology together with German and Far Eastern manufacturers, the implementation of these articles adapted to the European market, and the organization of sales were completely new territory and established the company’s reputation in the European markets as a company that faces the challenges of the time and innovative products on the market.

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Business relationships with leading German shipping and department store companies, leading advertising material companies, wholesale companies, and chains abroad were built up.
Most of these companies were supplied under their own brands with special items developed only for these customers.

For the clock retail trade, the companies Baron and Engelkemper worked together as wholesalers.
Here, too, the supply took place with a special assortment, which was not sold through the other wholesalers. The group’s own name or the EUROTIME logo was used.

In terms of export, companies were supplied in Holland and France, among other places.

Following the demands of the market, the product range was gradually expanded – starting with various new radio items (wall clocks, analog alarm clocks, and wristwatches), from quartz alarm clocks to temperature and weather stations.
In addition to these standard products, they also deal with custom-made products for leading German companies, such as Fissler.

The catalog is constantly updated with items that are permanently in stock and can be ordered by customers on an ongoing basis. In addition, campaigns are carried out with various customers – articles are offered here that are not included in the catalog.

Greater attention is paid to the implementation of your own ideas by developing items yourself and passing them on to regular suppliers for production. This ensures that current, trendy items can always be offered, which, combined with the development of new sources of supply, makes the EUROTIME an even more interesting partner for customers.

As a logical consequence of this endeavor, licenses for clocks on the subject of “Benjamin Blümchen” and “Bob the Builder” were acquired in order to be able to make an individual offer to customers on an even broader basis. These items were introduced to the German market at the end of 2004 with great success.

Benjamin and Bob woke up with the original voice, known from television.

In addition, work was carried out on the implementation of various ideas as an alarm clock for the 2006 soccer world championships in Germany, as well as articles that particularly appealed to customers who spend their free time with horses.

These items were characterized by the fact that the alarm sound was adapted to the character of the item:
The football alarm clock woke up with the football song “Football is our life ….” and the horse alarm clock with horse sound.

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A licensed product that is closely linked to German prehistory, the “Nebra Sky Disc”, a decorative glass table clock, is still on offer.

Some new items for children as alarm clocks and wall clocks are currently being planned, including a children’s wall clock with a sweeping second.

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Attention is currently focused on a standard range of radio-controlled wall clocks with a step or floating seconds and quartz wall clocks with sweeping seconds, an attractive range of quartz alarm clocks, primarily with sweeping seconds, and tangential clock products.
Furthermore, a mainstay in the product range is the range of radio-controlled wristwatches with different materials.

In the many years of being present on the market, EUROTIME has earned the reputation of a reliable partner where the quality, price, and service of the products offered to match. We are particularly proud of the fact that the complaint rate for the products is less than 1%, which customers really appreciate.

Company website: https://eurotime.eu/