If you want to color the numbers, the minutes/hours indicators or the background, go to the „“ layers. Once there, click the box next to the name of the object whose color you want to change. A color selector will now open in which you can either search for a desired color yourself or insert a color code.

If a clock face is to be provided with a picture over its entire surface, the question arises as to what is important for a good photo. In addition to the resolution of the image in height and width, the general sharpness of the graphic also plays a role. For example, if the photo to be uploaded has a resolution of 4048px x 3040px (12 megapixels, in 4:3 format), but is blurred due to camera or smartphone shake when the shutter is released, the 12 megapixels cannot optimize the print result.

If the camera or the smartphone is held steady and the photo does not show any blur, the face can be designed over the entire surface.

For example, if the resolution of the image is 2560px x 1920px (4.9 megapixels, in 4:3 format) with no shaking when the shutter is released – the number of pixels is not enough to fill a dial with a height of 285mm. With such an area of ​​almost 30cm, the minimum requirement for an excellent print is 3130px in height and width.
For a better understanding we have attached an example here.

Maßstabsgrafik beispiel komprimiert