Design your watch in six steps

The movement is the heart of your watch.

Would you like to enjoy the advantages of an automatically adjusting clock? With this, it is possible for you to get an exact time adjustment within a few moments after inserting a battery.

Or choose one of our traditional quartz movements. Time adjusting takes place manually. The advantage of this movement is a so-called floating second, i.e. the second run smoothly, not step by step.

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Within the realm of possibility.

Choose your case. Large or small, elegant or timeless, robust plastic or brushed aluminum. Determine the exterior of your creativity.

Show your style.

Refine your watch with the matching pair of hands and set accents with a colored second hand.

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That’s how it all comes together – the circle closes with the dial.

Design the dial according to your ideas. Add your desired motive and complete it with a personal greeting. The minute scale can be color matched to your design. This way your watch will surely become an eye-catcher.

Clock design is our craft.

We need three working days to assemble your individually designed clock by hand. This happens in our factory in the heart of Franconia, in Dettelbach am Main.

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Your happiness is our goal.

We’d love to be there when you unpack the box to see how happy you are.

If you also want to make other people happy – recommend us!

About the factory

EUROTIME Uhrenvertriebs-GmbH, which emerged from the manufacturer of timepieces L. Haupt KG, has been known throughout Europe since 1992 as a supplier of radio-controlled clocks, both wristwatches, alarm clocks, and wall clocks.

In recent years we have remembered the beginnings of our factory and built up a small series production. The production includes customer-specific clocks from 1 piece – wall clocks or alarm clocks – quartz or radio, according to the customer’s taste.