Radio alarm clocks – Design now!

Our current selection:

And this is how it works:

From the hands to the number ring to the dial photo/motive, you can design our clocks below yourself. Choose an alarm clock and click “Design Now!” click.

You will start by configuring your personal alarm clock. Choose a set of hands, a number ring, and whether there is a desire for “UHR Designer” branding or not.

If you want to color the numbers, the dashes/dots, or the background, go to the design area now. You can click on the objects/layers to design them according to your wishes.

Furthermore, you can now design your clock face with photos, logos, and text.

To add text, please click on the icon provided. Now you can enter any words in the text field, which can be inserted on the clock face with “Add text” and then adjusted in size and position.

Add photos by clicking on the camera symbol. It is now possible to search your PC/smartphone for suitable images that meet the requirements.

To order your finished alarm clock, you must first “add to shopping cart”. By clicking on the shopping cart you can now select the item “View shopping cart”. The clocks that you have added to the shopping cart are displayed there. With a click on the right button, you can now pay for the selected products immediately via PayPal Express or Amazon Pay. However, if there is a desire for another payment method, these can be viewed by clicking on the “Continue to checkout” button.

Have fun designing!
– Your Clock Designer team